6 Best Beds for Border Terriers (To Keep Your Pet Warm and Calm)

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Border Terriers are the bounciest and most active pups I’ve ever seen. 

They love company and will happily jump on your visitor just to say hi. 

Never leave your terrier idle because they are noisy and most destructive when bored. They’ll dig up things, jump over the fence, escape through holes or scramble through wire entanglements just to explore.

The breed can be quite a handful, but after each busy day, they need to sleep for about 10 to 12 hours to regain their strength. 

As they get older, border terriers tend to sleep more. That’s why you need a cozy bed made of quality, sturdy materials for your friendly fur pup.

Here are a few of the best beds for border terriers to make their nap time comfortable and restful.

1. Best for Orthopedic:  The Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Orthopedic memory foam bed is a waterproof, high-density bed with a two-inch base to provide stability while your border terrier is sleeping.

It comes with different removable plush covers to complement your home decor and a waterproof protector,

If your terrier has just been through surgery and recovering, this bed can help them recuperate faster. It’s also ideal for younger dogs with joint conditions. 

Besides neck support, this orthopedic dog bed also offers protection to ensure the pup does not fall off the bed. 

The bed is available in various sizes to fit small, medium-sized, and large puppies. Its bolster design helps the dog curl up nicely while feeling secure. 


2. Best for Motherly Comfort: The Calming Donut Dog Bed Original 

The Calming plush donut bed is manufactured by industry leaders. It is designed for medium-sized dogs. It is a stylish dog biscuit beige deluxe bed that makes a charming accessory for your room.

With its luxurious vegan fur, it mimics the warmth of a mother by offering much comfort to the bed owner. It also has a unique dual-layer mattress cushion design, with its top layer forming around the pup’s body. 

Its solid base pad comfortably supports your border terrier’s weight. With generously filled bolsters surrounding her, she’ll feel more secure while resting, napping, or sleeping. The long vegan fur pile and high sides hug her body with much love, making them feel confident and secure.

The bed’s soft texture, self-warming material, and body support eliminate the cold while improving their sleep. 

3. Best for Large Border Terriers: Bagel Dog Bed 

Bagel dog beds are manufactured by Pet Products, a company that ensures products with Faux Suede premium high loft polyester Fil material. This particular bed is for large border terriers.

It has a waterproof Denier base to prevent any accidents or spills. It also offers spine support with bolsters that allow them to rest their head comfortably in order to straighten the spine.

The microsuede bed is a luxurious piece with a zippered slipcover made of durable material. You can wash and tumble dry it on low heat. The material is high quality, sturdy, and super durable.

4. Best Skin Safety: PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed 

The Orthopedic border terrier bed from PetFusion has solid CertiPur-US memory foam, firm bolster, waterproof liner, and breathable cotton cover.

It comes in various sizes and colors and has premium components to ensure your dog is healthy. The ultra-premium base offers comfort as your terrier rests comfortably.

Its smart design blends well with any home decor, and the memory foam is mercury, lead, phthalates, ozone depleter, and formaldehyde-free. The cover is tear- and water-resistant, and its fabric has been certified to be skin contact safe.

It is compatible with all dog breeds, including border terriers, chihuahua, great Danes, and more.

5. Best for Fussy Dogs: Casper Dog Bed

The Casper border terrier bed is made from nylon material. It comes with durable memory foam that provides relief and comfort during sleep.

The sleep surface has extra material on top to prevent tears, especially if your terrier loves to scratch and dig. The material is microfiber blended to make it rip resistance and durable. Its foam bolsters are quite supportive, making it safe to nap peacefully.

Its removable outer cover is slobber-resistant and impenetrable. You can clean it regularly in the washing machine.

The Casper bed has a fortified construction that prevents slumping, sinking, or slugging. It will always maintain its shape even after moments of scratching or digging.


6. Best for Portability: Hero Dog Large Dog Bed  

The Hero Dog is a crate pad mat with a washable anti-slip cushion that lets your border terrier nap or sleep peacefully. It is crafted with quality craftsmanship, with every needle and line in uniform according to rigid production standards.

It is made from soft fleece and high-density PP fiber and can protect your border terrier’s skin.

The rug can be used any time, even when on the go. It is portable, adaptable, and quite comfortable. It’s built to be lightweight, anti-slip, and durable. Put it in the back of your car or on the floor, and it will blend in perfectly.

Its base is anti-slip to keep it in position while your terrier plays or naps. It works perfectly indoors or outdoors, especially for your fur buddies who love curling up.

The crate mat is versatile, allowing you to use it for other purposes like protecting the floor, sofa, or furniture. 

The mat is available in different sizes, with neutral colors that compliment any decor. (You can find here more information about the best dog crates)

Final Thoughts

The best bed for a border terrier should be comfortable, warm, and sturdy enough to hold your dog without any problem. We’ve rounded up the best range of beds for different dog sizes. 

They sport a robust base, soft fleece lining or foam cushion for additional comfort, and bolster edges for support. All these will ensure your small, medium, or large border terrier has a relaxing spot they can retire to whenever they feel tired or sleepy.

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Tony K.

I got our Border 3 years ago "for my daughter" and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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