6 Best Border Terrier Brushes (for Improved Skin Appearance and Blood Flow)

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Getting a proper brush for your Border Terrier can be a daunting task due to market saturation with substandard ones. Some brushes may have hard brittles that may penetrate and prick your canine pal, causing injuries that make grooming a painful experience.

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As a way of showing love and appreciation to your Border Terrier, it is pretty essential to keep him well-groomed using top-notch quality grooming materials. Along with that, you should also set a regular grooming routine to keep your furry pal’s coat clean and healthy.

Why Brush Your Border Terrier?

Brushing enhances the outward appearance of your dog. It directly reflects your level of love and responsibility towards him.

More importantly, brushing helps remove loose hair and dirt on the fur, forming mats on the hair if ungroomed. It also helps in stimulating proper blood flow throughout the body.

This grooming technique also distributes your Border Terrier’s natural body oils, which help moisturize his coat and reduce odor.

That said, Brush your Border Terrier at least once for 5-10 minutes daily to keep their outward appearance looking healthy and attractive.

Below are some brushes that can give you good value for your money. Keep reading to grab yourself one!

1. Best for Removing Hairy Knots: Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Keep your furry canine’s coat clean and shiny with the unique brushing power of Hertzko’s self-cleaning slicker brush and make your Border Terriers company worthwhile.

It has uniquely designed bristles that curve slightly to penetrate your dog’s fur, removing all stubborn hairy knots without irritating the skin underneath. It is perfect because you can use it on any length and type of fur, and it will still work great.

Thanks to its anti-slip handle, you can have a comfortable, firm grip while brushing for long, and this can prevent the risk of getting wrist strains.

Also, the Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush has retractable bristles that are pulled back up after grooming, leaving the brush fur-free; hence you will not have to deal with the hustle of removing stuck fur in the next grooming session.

2. Best for Medium to Long Coats: Bass Bamboo-Dark Finish Slicker Brush

Brushing medium and long hairs off your Border Terrier can be tiresome. But with a Bass bamboo slicker brush, it should be easy. Its premium alloy bristle pins are set up in such a way that they glide smoothly through the coat, releasing mats and knots of hair. 

This bristle action reaches the undercoat into the skin, refreshing blood capillaries for a steady flow of blood.

The bristle pins remove semi-dead and dead hairs keeping your Border Terrier tidy during the shedding season. Its handle is made of a rubber grip that provides you with a firm grip while grooming.

Since it has a classic bamboo finish, it is solid and durable and can last as long as you store it safely. It is also water-resistant and has a fantastic classy finish.

3. Best during Shedding Period: FURminator Dual Brush   

Handling the amount of hair produced during your dog’s shedding period can prove impossible. Fur can be spread around the house in every corner by your Border Terrier, and this can be pretty annoying as it causes untidiness in your household.

But once you get a FURminator dual brush, all of that can be a thing of the past in no time. Its bristles are designed to penetrate beyond the topcoat to pull semi-loose and loose hair carefully without causing discomfort to your precious canine buddy whatsoever, leaving it fur-free.

It has metal bristles on both sides that are durable and massage your dog’s skin for proper blood flow. One side is made of long bristles, which helps brush long coats, while the flip side has short bristles for short hair.

4. Best for Straightening Fur: Babyliss Long Pin Slicker Brush

Tired of the untidy, dull-looking fur of your Border Terrier? Let Babyliss’s long pin-slicker brush do the trick.

This professional grooming tool will work wonders on your dog’s coat, leaving it irresistibly gorgeous. Its flexible stainless steel bristles rub through the dog’s coat removing mats and excess hair while straightening it.

Its handle is ergonomically designed with an anti-slip bubble grip that is comfortable to hold, preventing hand fatigue while grooming. This brush is safe to use on sensitive skin dogs and leaves your dog’s fur looking spic and gorgeous all day long.

5. Best during Bath Time: Four Paws Magic Coat Wet and Dry Brush  

Bath times can be more efficient and enjoyable with the Four Paws magic coat wet and dry brush.

Its latex-free rubber bristles massage and exfoliates the skin for better blood flow and healthy skin. The flexible rubber bristles help with lathering shampoo quickly during bath time, saving time your dog spends in the water.

The rubber bristles capture mats and excessive hair on the coat leaving the hair flawless and neat. These bristles make it perfect for use on and off bath time.

The brush comes with a slide-on handle to provide maximum comfort during grooming for optimal results. It is also suitable for all types of coats.

6. Best for Smoothening Coat Hair: Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Keeping your Border Terrier’s coat smooth and healthy is undoubtedly every dog owner’s target. It will improve the overall outward appearance making your dog more eye appealing.

Luckily, Safari’s dog comb is available to make that target reachable. This high-quality grooming tool comprises long, serrated stainless blades that safely cut through all possible rugged mats without pulling hair off.

Its rounded ends ensure the skin is not pricked in any way to prevent damage. Each stroke of grooming increases blood circulation in your dog’s capillaries, leaving him feeling fresh and fabulous.

It has a rubber handle to increase grip while grooming.

Wrap Up

When looking for the best Border Terrier brush, consider your animal’s safety and comfort while using it. Picking random brushes could end up hurting you and your little companion.

The list above is set to guide you on the type of brush to buy based on your preferences. Choose wisely and give your loving canine friend the gorgeous look he deserves.

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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