6 Best Border Terrier Toys for a Tail-Wagging Playtime

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Boredom can set in fast after welcoming your new furry pal at home. The good news is you can use the best border terrier toy to provide comfort and keep your pup less anxious.

Toys provide your border terrier with both mental and physical stimulation. They also keep the dog occupied, preventing destructive behavior.

Given the benefits of dog toys, you may be wondering what kind of toy might work well for your canine companion. Well, we’ve reviewed the best border terrier toys that’ll encourage interactive and fun sessions for you and your dog.

1. Best for Puppies: Smart Pet Love Puppy Starter Kit

For a pup, the world may seem scary and big. Take the initiative to reassure and comfort him with this Smart Pet Love Starter Kit.

The kit comes with three extra heat packs, a Snuggle Puppy, teething comfort aid, and a snuggle blanket, making it the perfect tool to welcome your new buddy home.

Dogs have the pack instinct that draws them to their mother and other dogs. The Snuggle Puppy has a real-feel pulsating heartbeat that you can set to beat for eight or 24 hours for anxiety-reducing comfort. The result is a more peaceful, calmer puppy that doesn’t feel lonely.

Nothing triggers pain and discomfort in a pup than teething. Luckily, the Pupcicle is a natural teething aid that you can fill with water and freeze to help soothe sore gums during teething.

What’s more, the velvety snuggle blanket provides extra comfort and warmth for your little friend to cuddle up by your side or in the kernel.

2. Best for Birthdays: Goody Box Birthday Treats, Toys, and Bandana

Are you looking for a remarkable way to celebrate your dog’s special day? You can rock it with this fantastic gift box containing top-rated hand-packed goodies.

Make your pup’s birthday merrier with three tasty treats (birthday cake bites included), two pup-approved toys, and a stylish bandana. Did we mention the gift box features a yummy recipe and fun activities as well?

What makes it unique is that the box contents are handpicked by pet parents who care about their dogs just like you do! So, you can be assured your puppy is getting the absolute best.

Don’t just make your pup’s B-Day happier; gift another pup dad or pup mom. Plus, there are no subscriptions at all. You can pick up one or many anytime you want.

3. Best for Brain Stimulation: Dog Worker Composite Puzzle by Nina Ottosson and Outward Hound

Learning should be fun, and Nina Ottosson partnered with Outward Hound to make this happen. The toy is made to stimulate your little border terrier’s brain while providing playtime fun. It encourages interactive play – you can teach the dog how to use the puzzle and guide him to win.

The toy consists of composite material that resembles natural wood but offers the benefits of plastic and wood. All the pieces are sturdily pieced into the base to keep your friend safe during play.

The toy has several compartments with numerous spaces to hide your dog’s favorite treats and plenty of options to find rewards.

After placing treats in the compartments, it’s time to rotate the flippers to cover tracks before locking the rotating top. Next, place the toy on the floor and let your furry buddy discover his rewards.

4. Best for Chewing: Pet Qwerks Nylon Chew Toy

This value pack from Pet Qwerks provides various toys for your dog to chew on. The nylon chews are durable and available in four sizes and flavors: Flavorit Peanut Butter, BarkBone BBQ, Chicken nylon Antler, and Bacon Dino BarkBone.

While these chews aren’t edible, they comprise FDA compliant nylon with flavors for instant attraction.

Gentle chewing massages your dog’s gums and scrapes his teeth to help remove plaque. Plus, the Flavorit Peanut Butter features tiny cells where you can place snacks for your furry friend. Examples of snacks to fill these cells are cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese, and more.

Made in the USA, the chews discourage destructive behavior in your canine companion by keeping him happy and occupied.

5. Best for the Beach and Poolside Games:  Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Flying Disc

Border terriers have boundless energy reserves, and the best way to help them spend it is by using the Flippy Flopper Flying Disc. The toss and fetch toy offers hours of playtime for your and the lovely furry friend.

Design from nylon and soft rubber, this toy is nine inches in diameter and is available in several colors. It’s safe for a dog’s teeth and highly durable to stand in daily play sessions. It’s ideal for fitness, bonding, and training, whether on grass, snow or in the water.

Do you enjoy paw-some games at the poolside or beach? Take this toy with you, as it floats on water, acting as a frisbee.

Not to mention, it’s compliant with the children’s toy standards, so you don’t have to worry when kids want to play with it too.

6. Best for Kicking:  Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

This kick fetch ball is made of rubber, polyester, and EVA foam, making the exterior durable. It floats on water, making it perfect for water play.

Your border terrier will eagerly watch as you kick the toy high. The toy features a unique design that makes both small and big terriers enjoy it.

It’s brightly colored to increase visibility and ensure it doesn’t get lost. The ridges give this toy an erratic bounce for extra excitement.

Final Word

The best border terrier toys will excite your dog, keep them occupied and train them to act and behave responsibly. Most toys are ideal for the outdoors, so you need to ensure they are made of durable material.

Besides, you mustn’t leave your pal alone to play with the toy or chew on it. Always be present to provide guidance or supervise the play.

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Tony K.

I got our Border 3 years ago "for my daughter" and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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