6 Best Crates for Border Terriers for Comfort and Safety

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If you’re short on time, we’ve got you covered with a quick summary of the best crates for your Border Terrier. These crates are specially made to provide a comfortable and safe experience for your furry friend. Click on each one to see more details and prices.

A good crate will give your fluffy pooch the comfort he deserves. It also provides a safe area while teething to avoid destruction because you can’t spend all your time supervising him.

Settle for a strong crate that will serve your canine companion for longer.

With your dog in the crate, you will spend time out as usual; you only need to ensure he is safe.

Remember, your puppy’s crate requires proper cleaning and maintenance to keep your buddy healthy.

Let’s see some of the crates worth considering:

Best Ventilated: Frisco Fold Carry Double Door Crate

Frisco constructed a solid and durable crate that ensures your fluffy buddy is secure and safe. It’s available in different sizes, making it the best crate for border terriers.

The crate is ample for your dog’s comfort. After purchase, you don’t need a specialist to assemble it. 

If you plan to take a road trip with your pup, the crate is foldable and has adjustable handles for easy portability.

Additionally, it has two doors for effortless opening and closing of the crate. Not forgetting the dual latches on more giant crates for secure locking.

The plastic base pan at the bottom of the crate allows for proper and easier crate cleaning. Further, the crate has protective coated steel for longer life.

Best Furniture Model: New Age ecoFLEX Crate

If you love the furniture model of dog crates, the New Age model is the best crate for border terriers.

It has a fancy and attractive look that blends well with your interior décor and comes in different colors. You can choose to repaint the crate to your preferred color.

It’s the best crate in beautiful design and fitting to any house room. It’s comfortable, too.

Sizes range from small to large, accommodating all dogs. 

However, the crate is ideally designed for well-trained dogs and shouldn’t be used as a training kennel.

The wood used to construct is eco-friendly paired with recycled plastic, which doesn’t warp or split, always keeping your furry buddy safe. The single latching door keeps your dog safe. 

Remember to use a mild detergent when cleaning the crate.

Best Soft Sided: EliteField 3-Door Folding Crate

EliteField crate tops the list of soft-sided crates. Designed for small breeds, it’s the best crate for border terriers. It works well for both traveling and home use.


Three mesh doors expose your dog to sunlight and fresh air, eradicating any claustrophobic feelings. Mesh used in making the door is lightweight made from the hex mesh fabric.


Durable steel tubing keeps the crate firm. Not to mention, the interior features an easy-to-clean polyester material. 

Plus, the mat and cover are removable and washable for freshening up at any time.

Your pup will experience good sleep on the fleece bed that comes with the crate. Further, the zippers add security to the buddy.

Best Plastic: Petmate Two Door Crate

With a well-trained pet, the Petmate crate will work well for you. What makes it unique is its versatility: it’s ideal for traveling and housekeeping. 

It’s designed with multiple doors for proper ventilation and easy access to the cage. The steel wires and plastic construction take care of safety, which creates a sturdy carrier that will leave people admiring it.

The heavy-duty handle’s modern design is appealing, making any travels with your buddy enjoyable.

What makes it the best plastic crate for the border barrier is the comfort it provides to your sleeping buddy, facilitated by the smooth interior design.

Petmate lasts longer and withstands terrible weather, rust, and bad handling.

Best Foldable: Midwest iCrate Fold and Carry Crate

Midwest provides a safe and secure companion for your fluffy puppy. It’s the best crate for a border terrier that needs space.

A metallic structure improves security even when you are away. The crate is foldable for easier packing when traveling with your canine companion.

Made of professional gauge steel, it can withstand the canine biting from the dog. The divider will create a small space for your puppy before it grows.

Anytime you are cleaning the crate, you can remove the plastic composite pan, which is washable, and in case it wears out, you can find a replacement in the stores.

What’s more: the crate comes with an additional four rubber roller feat for smooth movement and a leak-proof dog tray.

Keep in mind the precaution of removing the harness or dog collar before placing the buddy into the crib.


Best Collapsible: Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Crate

Are you searching for the best crate for a border terrier that is collapsible and easy to assemble? Paws and Pals had your needs in mind when making this crate.

The high tensile strength steel wire allows it to resist any biting from your muscular buddy and keep it safe in the cage. It is electro-coated to eradicate rusting and fading.

Bringing along your best friend on a road trip is easy, as the crate features a strong handle. With it, you can stop at a friend’s place or a hotel without worrying about the dog’s safety.

A sturdy ABS plastic tray helps contain accidents and is removable for easier cleaning. You can adjust the living space using the removable divider as your puppy grows.



Final Word

There you have it; the best crate for border terrier list. Now, choose one that resonates with your fluffy pal’s needs.

You wouldn’t want a crate that might be unfitting to your terrier. That said, know your dog’s size, then pick the crate’s correct size. Remember, in some crates, you need to remove the harness or collar before placing the dog inside.

Hopefully, you’ll find your pal a crate he will find peaceful and comfortable.

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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