6 Best Treats for Border Terriers (Packed with Delicious and Healthy Ingredients)

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Border Terriers are generally active and friendly. They offer excellent companionship with very sharp instincts.

During training, they’ll have an independent spirit all the way, looking to please all the time. If you reward them with a treat for excellent behavior or performance, they’ll become loyal students, let alone friends.

Border Terriers need well-balanced treats to keep them healthy and slim when it comes to treats. Treats are meant to satisfy their need to chew, for snacking, and for strengthening your bond with them. That’s why you can only give them occasionally – not as a meal.

Your border terrier will love an excellent natural bully stick, shed antler, or dog bone here and there. It will keep them chewing joyfully for a few hours.

That being said, we’ve rounded up some of the best treats to make your Terrier happy.

1. Best Gourmet Delight: Lucky Premium Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats

These rawhide treats from Lucky Premium are gourmet delights that will make your border terrier’s day for sure. They feature sliced natural chicken breast that has been hand wrapped around the rawhide bone.

This special treat will satisfy your Border Terrier’s natural urge to chew. They are made from natural ingredients, and it’s an excellent reward for a worthy friend. 

Its natural texture scrapes the dog’s teeth while they chew, helping to promote oral health. It contains no harmful preservatives, gluten, grains, fillers, or additives.

2. Best Natural Option: Redbarn Naturals Bully Slices

The natural bully slices from Redbarn are made using cowhide and hand-tossed in gravy. They look tough but are gentle and soft in the mouth as your paw buddy continues to chew. 

Redbarn uses ingredients like chicken cartilage, blueberries, bully sticks, and vitamin E to make them yummier. They are then slow roasted to lock in the flavors. You’ll get them in different natural flavors, including cheese, peanut butter, pork, lamb, and beef.

Redbarn has made its offer more enticing by giving you an extra treat if you purchase three.

To any border terrier, these are slices of heaven. These thick, mouth-watering chews can last for long. They are enriched with antioxidants, gluten, and grain-free with low fat.

3. Best Dehydrated Option: Polkadog Cod Skins Dehydrated Dog Treats

The Polkadog Cod Skins treats are pretty nurturing. They are not only delicious and crunchy but also healthy. The company sources them locally using limited ingredients.

The code used by Polkadog to make these crunchy treats are wild-caught by the local anglers in Alaska. They are hand-rolled and slowly dehydrated in the kitchen to make them savory;

They are single ingredient sustainable treats that are not only natural but a source of protein for your paw friend. You can reward them daily after training or accomplishing the tasks you gave them. 

For sure, they’re going to love these healthy cod skins. They’ll make every day count with ultimate goodness.

4. Best Low-Fat Option: Fantastic Jumbo Tendons Grain-Free 

Jumbo tendons are grain-free dog chews for Border Terriers that love to nibble. The meaty morsels are made using 100% free-range beef from grass-fed cattle. They are manufactured to last long, so your pup can chew on them for hours.

You can rest easy with these dog treats, as they don’t contain any hormones, grains, antibiotics, or steroids. They are low on fat and odor-free but tasty – great for snacking. Your pup will be delighted with these single-ingredient, health-promoting treats.

5. Best for Dental Hygiene: Bully Sticks Braided 12″ Dog Treats

These twelve-inch bully sticks are braided and slow-roasted while in their natural juices. If you have a medium to large border terrier, you can give them this chew treat to entice their palettes. 

The bully sticks are natural, made from free-range beef found in grass-fed cattle. They are the best alternative to traditional rawhide.

Besides quality, these sticks are soft and highly palatable. They are long-lasting chews that will support gum and teeth health. They also freshen your little buddy’s breath and keep their teeth clean. Your best buddy will get enjoyment for long hours. 

Besides dental health, these tasty chews also support the overall health of your border terrier, especially its weight. They only have 38 calories per inch. They are thick and will keep your friend busy all day.

You can indulge their usual chewing needs with long-lasting treats that are free from preservatives, additives, and odor.

6. Best for Smaller Dogs: Dingo Medium Meat in the Middle Chicken Flavor Rawhide Dog Bone

The rawhide dog bone treats with chicken flavor are worthy of your border terrier. With a combination of medium meat in the center to give it a beefy flavor and chicken flavor, your best buddy will enjoy high protein and low fat treats to chew on. 

They are ideal for more miniature and medium-sized Border Terriers to promote healthy chewing habits. The ingredients are high quality, with a combination of meat wrapped with natural rawhide. They ensure your dog enjoys a delicious, flavorful reward after every accomplishment. 

Many taste tests have been carried out, which show that most paw friends love Dingo treats. The treats help ward off plaque, keeping the gums and teeth healthy. The best part is that they are fully digestible.

Final Thoughts

Border Terriers can be obese, so always make sure you don’t stuff them with unhealthy treats that may affect their weight. These treats are pretty delicious and support your border terrier’s overall health. Do it in moderation while ensuring they have plenty of exercises every day. Border Terriers can be obese, so always make sure you don’t stuff them with unhealthy treats that may affect their weight.

Choose the best time to give treats to your dogs. It will strengthen your bond, encourage better behavior and boost their overall health. The best border terrier treats are manufactured using natural, healthy ingredients and processes. 

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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