Are Border Terriers Hypoallergenic? (And What That Means to You)

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Sure. Borders are a hypoallergenic breed. A hypoallergenic dog releases small amounts of allergens into the surrounding area.

Allergens refer to proteins that some people tolerate and others don’t. Allergens are mostly from dogs’ hair, but dander and saliva are potential sources. Dogs can release allergens into the air or surfaces via daily activities like barking, yawning, scratching, and playing around the home.

While no dog can be 100 percent hypoallergenic, Borders come close. The wiry coat that doesn’t shed easily qualifies this breed to be hypoallergenic.

Additionally, this breed releases little dandruff, saliva, or drool. So, homes, where people suffer dog allergies may find Borders a suitable breed, as the dog gives off so few allergens.

Border Terrier Coats

Border Terriers have a wiry double coat on the top and soft on the bottom, giving them their name.

The topcoat is resistant to dirt and weather, and it is also waterproof. It is near the skin, does not have waves or curls, and has a harsh texture that is almost abrasive to the touch. The coat should be in the middle range of length. 

The undercoat of a Border Terrier is extremely thick, short, and silky smooth.


One thing to keep in mind about the Border Terrier is that they have somewhat high grooming needs compared to other dogs.

This coat tends to mat and tangle if not groomed regularly or properly cared for and maintained.

There is a large selection of hues that Border Terriers may be found in when it comes to their coat color.

What Is the Shedding Rate of a Border Terrier?

A Border Terrier is classed as a light shedder since they shed only a small amount of hair daily.

The fact that you will no longer have to cope with the ongoing effort of cleaning dog hair from surfaces in your home is wonderful news!

However, you should anticipate your pet to lose some hair from time to time, particularly during the periodic spring and fall shedding when the new coats emerge.

The “Coat Blow” Process

The “coat blow” process occurs when dogs shed their coats during the shedding season.

While the dog sheds a portion of the topcoat, a bulk of the hair that falls out is derived straight from the undercoat.

Shedding season is when you will see the greatest amount of hair in and around your home, and it normally lasts between two and three weeks.


It is possible to keep even seasonal shedding under control by ensuring that your Border Terrier consumes the proper food and grooming them regularly (read about The best Border Terrier puppy foods).

What Causes a Border Terrier to Shed More Than the Average Amount?

The following are some of the most frequently noticed and common causes: a skin infection, nutritional difficulties, allergies, or even a bug infestation.

A visit to the veterinarian for your Border Terrier may prove beneficial if you notice an increase in the amount of hair your dog is losing.

Excessive shedding can occur in female Border Terriers breastfeeding, pregnant, or in heat, among other reasons.

However, shedding levels should return to normal after the puppies have been weaned from their mother.

As a result, you need not be alarmed if you see an increase in shedding in female border terriers.


Aside from this, animals recuperating from surgery or sickness may shed more than they ordinarily do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Border Terriers a Suitable Choice for Those Who Suffer from Allergies?

Yes! Border Terriers have a short, wiry coat that is hypoallergenic and sheds very little. Since they don’t shed much and cause less dandruff, they are good options for families that have dog allergies!

Do Border Terriers have a Lot of Shedding?

No. A Border will lose only a small amount, but their coat won’t shed out entirely until assisted. The border is typically hand scrubbed twice a year by a skilled craftsperson.

What is the Most Hypoallergenic Dog on the Market?

The Labradoodle and Bichon Frise are excellent hypoallergenic dogs, according to experts. Because of their easy-to-maintain coats, both breeds are frequently suggested for persons who suffer from dog allergy symptoms.

Wrapping Up

Border Terriers lose little to no hair as long as they are kept in good condition. Homes where most members have dog allergies, won’t have problems keeping Border Terriers around. Just remember to give the dogs a proper diet and groom them accordingly.

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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