How to Groom a Border Terrier Face for a Healthier Look?

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Your dog’s face communicates many emotions; they can show cute, joyful, and adorable faces. Border Terriers can be playful and likely to attract dirt on their face.

To keep the face healthy and attractive, you ought to clean it regularly and remove any stains, clumps, or dried food particles that remain.

The best time to clean your little companion is during bath time. Do the face touch up keenly.

Keep reading to learn some tips on grooming your Border Terrier face.

Tips to Observe When Cleaning Your Pooch’s Face

A Clean Washcloth

A clean cloth will keep your dog healthier. Ensure it’s soft and soak it in water at room temperatures to avoid extreme temperatures.

Avoid paper towels and napkins; they shred, leaving tiny particles on the face when wiping, which doesn’t make the dog cleaner than it was.

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Use Pre-Moistened Wipes

In some situations, you may use pre moistened wipes. Ensure the wipes are designed for the canine companions and have ingredients that aren’t irritating.

Use Lukewarm Water

Whether cleaning the whole body or the face of your canine companion, never use cold or hot water.

The best part is that canine wipes are available, especially if your buddy is prone to yeast infection; they contain chlorhexidine with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Remove the Hair Around the Ears and Behind the Eyes by Hand

The eyebrows should be kept short not to forget the area around the ears. Start by pulling the hairy eyebrows gently and the excess hairs behind the ears.

Apply little force, the hairs are soft and easy to pull out, and some chalk powder will give you a grip. Get to the cheeks and remove the hair there too.

However, don’t get to the far front, beyond the back corner of the eye, head towards the neck. Lift the ear to remove the hair inside too.

Remove Loose Dirt on the Face

Start by pulling or brushing the loose debris on the face and ensure you check the whole head, ears, chin, and neck.

Carefully check the dog’s lip folds; they are always warm and moist and, therefore, kept clean and dry.

Remove Tangles with Your Fingers

The furry buddy is likely to form tangles on the hair; use your fingers to remove them gently. It will allow water or shampoo to flow well into the fur.

However, some areas may not untangle, and you need professional help.

The bottom line? Use a spray-on detangling agent to remove the tangles.

 Dampen the Facial Fur

Rinse the dog’s chin and by pouring some water on your dog’s fur, lift the chin and rinse it too, followed by the back of the head to the ears down.

Rub the water into the dog’s fur using your hands, ensuring that the water doesn’t get into the ears and eyes. Put some cotton wool into the ears to redirect the water to be on the safer side.

Massage the Shampoo Thoroughly

After pouring the right shampoo, use the wet cloth to massage the shampoo on the dog’s fur.

You should not use regular human shampoo on your dog; it will dry up the skin. The human skin PH is different from that of dogs.

Apart from dog shampoo, you can use tearless baby shampoo, which is a non-irritant.

Rinse Well

After a thorough wash, be sure to rinse all the shampoo from the face by spraying water on the cleaned parts. Lift the chin and rinse the fur underneath.

If, after rinsing, all the shampoo and some stains are remaining, don’t get tired of applying more shampoo and rub gently for further cleanup. A professional groomer may help you out too.

Dry the Face

Gently pat a towel on the face to remove excess water. Ensure the water doesn’t get to the sensitive parts of the face. Let the hair around the face dry naturally; an air drier is too hot for the face.

Clean the Eyes

Eyes are sensitive, that’s why it’s essential to clean them well. With a wet cloth, gently wipe the eyes with little pressure to remove any crustiness around the eyes.

Use a separate cloth to wipe the eyes if they are infected or have any signs of infection. Here the pre moistened wipes will significantly help.

Clean Tear Stains

If your canine companion has poodle eyes, they need to be cleaned well. Sometimes the tears could signify a serious problem that requires veterinary attention.

If a moist cloth doesn’t work when removing stains, consider specific solutions for this condition.

Final Word

Border Terriers are playful and won’t mind a treat after being washed on the face. They also understand your emotions. Showering them with praises will make them love face washing.

If the dog is still resistant to face washing, consider giving it a treat after a quick cleaning. You can start by first washing the neck, followed by a treat; next time, wash the neck and chin and treat it.

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