How to stop a border terrier from biting?

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Are there some fun dog games that border terriers enjoy playing? What are these games and how can you play with your dog?

One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, Border Terriers are known for their active lifestyle and happy spirit. They are great for families with children, but they do need lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

If your Border Terrier is not given enough opportunities to engage her mind and body, she might develop behaviors you don’t like – such as chewing on things or getting overexcited when guests come over (Read more about how to care for your Border Terrier in the following article).

To make sure that your dog can live her fullest life within your family environment, take some time out to meet her needs properly. The following article will give you an overview about what games you can play with your Border Terrier to keep her happy and healthy!

What age do border terriers calm down?

Border Terriers are active and happy throughout their whole life. You can expect them to have a huge energy reserve when they are young, so make sure your dog gets lots of opportunities for physical activity in her younger years.

When your Border Terrier is an adult, she will still need regular exercise every day, but you might find that she becomes calmer when she gets older. On the other hand, senior Border Terriers might start developing some age-related health problems as well as behaviors such as restlessness or increased barking. This is completely normal and you should consider discussing those issues with a professional veterinarian!

How do border terriers play?

Border Terriers are very playful dogs when they are young. If you have children, your Border will enjoy the opportunity to socialize with them – but keep in mind that even small children can be too rough for a dog of this size, so supervision is always necessary!

As your dog gets older, her favorite games might change. Instead of running around all day long, she might start enjoying more relaxed activities such as short walks or sniffing out interesting scents in the backyard.

If you want to get more ideas about how to bond with your Border Terrier without wearing yourself (or her) out too much, check out our article on “How to play with my terrier?”

What games can I play with my dog?

Border Terriers love playing games – especially when they get to do so with their favorite human! To make sure that your dog can enjoy playtime in her golden years, you should pick activities that are suitable for all ages.

For example, games in which your Border Terrier gets to ‘hunt’ something tend to be popular because of the mental stimulation they provide. You could give your pooch the opportunity to hone her natural instincts by playing Follow The Lure or Hide & Seek – just keep in mind that when you play these kinds of games, your dog might need some guidance from you when it comes to stopping her natural prey drive.

When is my border terrier ready for adult games?

Border Terriers are very smart dogs and even when they are young, they can be quite responsive to your commands – especially if positive reinforcement is part of your training routine.

One of the most popular dog games that are suitable for Border Terriers no matter what age they are, is Tug Of War. This game can help build a stronger bond between you and your dog because it encourages her to communicate with you about which toy she wants!

Be careful when playing tug with smaller dogs though, because there’s always the risk that the game will get too rough – leading to injuries on either side!

What types of activities do border terriers like?

Border Terriers tend to be very agile dogs who enjoy opportunities for physical activity. As long as she gets enough exercise every day, your dog should be able to meet most of her energy needs through playing games.

For example, your Border Terrier will love following you around the house while you do chores if she gets to participate in the action! Other activities that are suitable for this breed include long walks or playtime with other dogs or cats in the household.

If you want some more ideas about pooch activities that are perfect for your dog’s age and temperament, check out our article on “What is my terrier ready for?” – it has lots of suggestions!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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