Preparing for a Border Terrier’s first grooming session

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If you’re a dog lover who owns a border terrier, it can be both an exciting and intimidating experience to take them for their first grooming session. As they are considered one of the most active breeds of dogs, managing their fur and coat can require quite an effort—but with the right knowledge, time, and care you’ll have your pooch looking as lovely as ever!

Border terrier grooming style

Grooming a Border terrier is an enjoyable process that helps keep their coat looking healthy and clean. These dogs have a rough topcoat, which should be brushed or combed regularly in order to keep it tangle-free and prevent matting. Beyond just brushing and combing, these dogs may need regular stripping or scissoring.

Stripping creates a slimmer look with a more wiry texture while scissoring softens the texture of the terrier’s coat. With proper styling, grooming can help protect the Border terrier’s skin from dirt and other irritants while also providing natural protection against freezing temperatures. Regular grooming can also help bring out their naturally sweet, inquisitive expression which makes these social breeders such great companion animals.

How should Border terriers be groomed?

Given their thick, wiry coats, Border Terriers require regular and thorough brushing in order to stay healthy and look their best. Twice a week is ideal; this will remove excess dirt, burrs, and other foreign matter while also encouraging natural oils in their coats.

Owners may also want to consider monthly trimming of certain areas like around the eyes, ears, or feet; this can help reduce shedding, as well as prevent matting and tangles. A bath every few months is also recommended for removing heavy grime or dirt. All of these steps will make caring for a Border Terrier much easier and more enjoyable for both pet and owner alike!

At what age do you start stripping a Border Terrier?

The age at which you should start stripping a Border Terrier varies depending on the individual dog, but it is typically around 8 to 12 months of age. During this age, the hairs are easily plucked out by hand. It’s important to check with your veterinarian prior to starting the stripping process to make sure that your Border Terrier is healthy enough for the procedure.

When properly done, regular stripping will keep your Terrier’s coat in top condition, as it prevents matting and felting. To ensure that your dog maintains its characteristic wiry coat, plan to strip them every six weeks or so and brush them regularly in-between stripping sessions. With appropriate care and attention, you’ll be able to ensure that your Border Terrier looks dapper at all times!

Should Border Terriers be stripped or clipped?

When it comes to the ancient working dog breed of Border Terriers, the decision of whether to strip or clip can be a difficult one for many owners. Stripping is a labor-intensive grooming method that involves manually removing dead hair from the double-coated breed with thinning shears and a stripping knife.

On the other hand, clipping is an easier and more common means of grooming that simply cuts off the coat without preselection of hairs. The desired results depend largely on individual preferences, but in general, stripping gives a more finished appearance while clipping makes it easier to maintain.

Ultimately, it’s important to always consult with a trained professional before making a decision on what type of grooming will work best for your Border Terrier.

What happens if you don’t strip a border terrier?

If a border terrier is not stripped, their coat will grow longer and become softer. This may make the terrier look cute, however, it will cause them to overheat in hotter climates or vigorous activity. Although they do shed, an unclipped coat means that this shedding cannot be kept under control and it will also cause matting as the bristles of hair can become knotted too tightly to be brushed out.

As border terriers were originally bred for their working ability, they should ideally remain healthy and active so careful attention must be taken to ensure their coats are regularly stripped and well maintained.


In conclusion, grooming a Border Terrier for the first time can be a rewarding experience for both the pet owners and their furry friends. It is important to prepare for this appointment in advance, taking all necessary steps to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

With some practice, patience, and appropriate tools, you can make your Border Terrier’s first grooming session an enjoyable one! Additionally, it may be beneficial to have a professional groomer give your pup an initial trim to help you better understand what type of products and techniques work best for your pup’s specific breed needs.

Groomers are great resources who can provide advice on how best to care for your pup’s coat and skin. So don’t be afraid – get out there and start primping those lovable pets!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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