What Does a Border Terrier Look Like? (Plus More Fun Facts)

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When last did you go for a walk with your canine companion and enjoyed it?

Well, enjoying dog walks depends on the dog too. Is it friendly with strangers, children, and other dogs? Is the dog energetic enough to enjoy the walks?

A Border Terrier does all that and more. So, what does it look like? 

Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic breed that you’ll fall in love with.

What Does a Border Terrier Dog Look Like?


Border Terriers are big and small enough to fit and squeeze into tighter spaces around. Male and female Border Terriers weigh 13-13.5 pounds and 11.5-14 pounds respectively. The heights for both male and female is 12-15 inches.

Coat Color

Border Terriers have a waterproof coat and thick and loose skin designed to protect them from bites and piercing. The coat color can be blue and tan, grizzle and tan, red, and wheaten. 

Some of the dogs have a small white patch chest. They also have a short, dense undercoat with a wiry and close-lying topcoat.


Border Terriers are characterized as being good-tempered, bold, affectionate, brave, and independent. These little brave dogs need a lot of interaction and engagement with humans.

They are quick to learn and adapt to new changes. Due to their affectionate behavior, Border Terriers love to be involved in each and every activity that their owners do. 

They are very outgoing and would not love to be left behind since they love company a lot. They are also relentless and fearless. 

Just like any other human, they need to be exposed to people and their surroundings while still young so as to create a good bonding. I think Border Terriers are a good ideal for all families. With them around, each moment of life is great and a memorable one.

Other Interesting Facts about Border Terriers

  • Care: Border Terriers are prone to gaining a lot of weight if not taken good care of. Ensure that you give your Border Terrier daily exercise and little portions of food
  • Sickness: Border Terriers may tend to change their behavior when sick or in pain. They may tend to stay away from people and remain quiet.
  • Socialization: Border Terriers are very social and always love to be engaged with people and interact. When left alone they become bored and start making unnecessary noise.
  • Love for kids: Terriers are great friends with children and they make a good companion when together. Although they can be dangerous at times and might end up hurting the kids around them due to their playful nature.
  • Other pets: Borders are friendly to other pets, especially when they have been brought up in the same environment. They may do well with cats that have been brought up with them. Also, they may not get along well with cats that are not part of their family. They also love chasing a lot thus may end up chasing other small pets like mice and rabbits.
  •  Love for digging: Border Terriers love digging a lot. It would be a great idea to set aside a small digging area for them. This may help in sorting out the problem of them digging under the fence that they come across. They may also avoid going to neighborhood areas to cause destruction or even chasing their cats. This is also a good solution for them to avoid barking a lot in the backyard and making unnecessary noise.
  • Grooming: Border Terriers love digging under fences and they may get muddy. Therefore their coat may need to be brushed on a weekly basis in order to maintain their rough texture.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Border Terriers live?

Border Terriers have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Are Border Terriers good pets?

If you are an active pet parent who always wants to stay active and happy, then you will enjoy a Border Terrier’s company whether. There is never a boring moment with a Border Terrier around.

The good thing about them is that you will never miss a smile on your face. They sometimes make you smile, cry and smile again. Cheers to more fun with Border Terriers.

Do Border Terriers bark a lot?

Border Terriers don’t really bark a lot. But like any other dog, they get bored when left alone and can bark a lot when they see a strange thing around. The good thing about them is that they can be trained not to bark a lot.

Bottom Line

Border Terriers are for families that want to stay active and happy. They are just a perfect idea for families in both built-up areas and countryside areas. Their affectionate love, loyalty, and braveness make them a great breed for anyone.

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Tony K.

I got our Border 3 years ago "for my daughter" and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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