Exciting News! iBorderTerrier Acquires OnlyCatsAndDogs.com!

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Exciting News! iBorderTerrier Acquires OnlyCatsAndDogs.com!

Hello, dear iBorderTerrier community; this is Tony Keller, your favorite blog owner and dog enthusiast! I have some thrilling news to share with you all today. As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, I am pleased to announce that iBorderTerrier has just acquired OnlyCatsAndDogs.com!

Over the years, we’ve grown together as a community of Border Terrier aficionados, sharing stories, advice, and insights about our beloved dogs. This acquisition of OnlyCatsAndDogs.com is a new milestone for us, as it will allow us to bring even more pet lovers into our fold, and expand our discussions to include our feline friends as well.

The team behind OnlyCatsAndDogs.com shares our passion for pets and has built a remarkable platform that celebrates the love we have for our furry companions. With this acquisition, we are excited to combine our resources and knowledge to create an even more comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all pet owners.

But don’t worry! iBorderTerrier will continue to be your go-to destination for all things related to Border Terriers. Our commitment to our community remains unwavering, and we’ll keep bringing you the same high-quality content that you’ve come to expect from us. The acquisition simply means that we’ll now be able to provide you with even more resources and connections within the broader pet community.

As we integrate the two websites, you can expect to see some fantastic new features and content, including:

  1. Expanded Breed Information: Learn about other popular dog and cat breeds, their unique traits, and care requirements.
  2. Expert Advice: Gain access to a wider network of pet experts, including veterinarians, trainers, and behaviorists.
  3. More Comprehensive Product Reviews: Discover the best products and services for both dogs and cats, ensuring that your pets always have the best of the best.
  4. Enhanced Community Features: Participate in an even more vibrant community of pet lovers, with additional forums, social media groups, and events to connect with like-minded individuals.

We are beyond excited about this new chapter for iBorderTerrier and OnlyCatsAndDogs.com, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey. As always, thank you for being a part of our amazing community. Your support and love for our furry friends are what make this all possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new partnership, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions. Here’s to a future filled with wagging tails and purring cats!

With warmest regards,

Tony Keller iBorderTerrier Blog Owner

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Tony K.

I got our Border 3 years ago "for my daughter" and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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