How Long Do Border Terriers Teeth For? (And the Major Stages in Teething)

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As a dog lover, it’s important to know how long Border Terriers’ teeth last, and you won’t have a hard time with the puppies.

Like it happens in human beings, the teething process in dogs also differs depending on the puppy, and it can take even eight months for a puppy to develop teeth fully.

During the teething season, get ready for new experiences with your puppy in chewing certain items. The chewing might get out of hand if you are not observant.

Stick on as we look at the teething process of your Border Terrier and what to do during this period.

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Teething Stages in a Border Terrier Puppy

1. First Teeth

After weaning, most puppies begin to show signs of teething; at this time, they are aged between five and six weeks, while others can begin at eight weeks.

Teething is a painful experience for puppies, and they develop 28 “milk teeth” which are the puppy baby teeth equivalent.

The fluffy friend starts gnawing at low-lying items or shoes when too much pressure is on the growing teeth.

Pro Tip: Keep your favorite pair of shoes out of reach; they might be tempted to use them to ease pressure on the teeth.

2. Baby Teeth Loss

One month after the emergence of baby teeth, they will start falling out, and you need to be observant. The first teeth starting from the incisors will have fallen off at three months.

At four months, the adult molars should start growing, and most of the baby teeth should have fallen out at this age. If your little one has some baby teeth visit your veterinarian for a checkup.

3. Adult Teeth

At the age of six months, your puppy should have all the adult teeth and since there may be a crooked growth that causes an overbite, visit the vet for correction.

When you visit the dentist for correction before the teeth are fully developed will reduce the chances of long-lasting damage and difficulty in eating.

At eight months, your dog should have all the 42 permanent teeth like the adult dogs, and at this point, your dog says goodbye to teething.

However, some puppies won’t stop the gnawing and chewing habit after complete teething, and they will extend it, which could damage a lot of items.


It’s good to teach your puppy good chewing habits; as soon as the teeth start setting in, you can also introduce bite inhibition to your little one. And the best part is that Border Terriers are friendly and will give you an easy time in training.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Brush My Puppy’s Teeth?

Brushing your puppy’s teeth is a great idea it also helps check for objects in their mouth without injuring your hands. Ensure you get the right toothpaste and brush recommended for dogs, and your veterinarian will help demonstrate the brushing technique.

2. When Will my Dog Stop Chewing Items?

At 18 months, you may start noticing a reduction in excessive chewing, depending on the dog’s life and training. Remember, it’s normal for dogs to chew and mouth; it becomes dangerous when the habit becomes aggressive.

3. What is the Most Common Dental Problem Likely to Affect my Border Terrier?

Dental disease is a chronic problem in dogs, and it’s likely to affect most dogs by the time they turn two. A Border Terrier has higher chances of experiencing dental problems than other dogs. Once you notice some tartar build-up, please don’t wait until it progresses to infection; visit the veterinarian for help.

4. At What Age Do Border Terriers Lose Their Teeth?

At six months, all the puppy teeth should have fallen off, and adults’ teeth already grown. The Terrier can now chew most foods like an adult dog at this stage.

Final Thoughts

When the puppy teeth start growing, your little one needs extra attention as he might get mouthy, and chewing might get to your favorite couch. Since chewing is normal and the excessive behavior will decrease once all teeth grow, teach your buddy good chewing habits. Remember to supervise him when using toys; they aren’t 100% safe.

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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