7 Best Probiotics for Border Terriers (That Aid Digestion and Fight Pathogens)

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A healthy Border Terrier is always jumpy and happy. I’ll enjoy the daily walks and training. But when his tummy hurts, the entire day won’t be exciting. It’s common for canines to experience digestive disorders. Luckily, dog parents who act swiftly can stop such issues before they get serious.

Your cuddly companion may develop digestive troubles for various reasons, including dietary indiscretion, bacteria, viruses, pancreatitis, and parasites. Common symptoms of digestion disorders among dogs include vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, and appetite loss.

Fortunately, probiotics can help get your dog back to his playing shape. The best probiotics for Border Terriers aid in digestion, fighting off potential pathogens, bolstering the immune system, and making vitamins and nutrients.

Keep reading to discover the best probiotics for your Border Terrier.

1. Best for Digestion: Purina Pro Plan Diet Powder Supplement 

A probiotic with digestive enzymes may be a great deal to relieve digestion and manage eradication. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary  Supplement is here to help you deal with your Border Terrier digestive issues.

This probiotic is precisely prepared to assist normal intestinal microflora in dogs having diarrhea difficulties. It also holds a certain quantity of live microorganisms, which helps raise levels of beneficial intestinal bacteria as it is crafted in collaboration with nutritionist research and veterinarians.

This powder supplement is ideal for all breeds of dogs, whether young or old. This probiotic is advanced using a complete microencapsulation procedure for increased steadiness.

The supplement also provides different nutritional options customized to many dogs with disabilities. They also have a delicacy that your dog will fall in love with.

2. Best for Immune Health:  Dogzymes Canine Supplement 

Help keep your dog fit with the Dogzymes Canine Supplement. This Probiotic supplement generally holds enzymes and digestive bacteria that help boost digestion and control digestive symptoms such as excess gas, diarrhea, stomach sensitivities, and constipation. 

It also holds prebiotics and probiotics, which help boost the immune system. This supplement is perfect for small, medium, and giant breed dogs experiencing illness and even expecting or nursing dogs to maintain optimum well-being. In addition, it’s microencapsulated to keep elegance and digestibility.

3. Best for Hip & Joint Support: Animal Health Solutions Dog Supplement

Animals Health Solution Spunky Level II Probiotic supports your little pal’s health in different ways. This supplement is designed to support health in eating modern, processed foods. 

This supplement contains Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and MSM to help reduce joint inflammation and pain for dogs with arthritis, thus leaving you and your furry friend adventurous. It also contains digestive enzymes to support immune and digestive system health.

4. Best for Kidney Care: Zesty Paws Stay Green Bites

If your dog is suffering from Grass burn, then Zesty Paws Stay Green Bites is here for you. This Probiotic contains Cran-Max with antioxidants to support the Terrier’s urinary tract health. The supplement contains ingredients with properties that may support nitrogen levels in dog urine that helps you care for your furry pal and your grass.


The bites support normal gut flora and digestive health as it features VitaFiber and DE111 probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis). These green bites contain a gut blend that supports digestion and bowel movement for your Terrier.

5. Best for Brain Health: Nutramax Proviable – DC Capsules 

Nutramax Proviable – DC Capsules Supplement is here to keep up your dog’s welfare. It holds Omega 3 fatty acids to hold up kidney, brain, and vision health and a robust immune system.

The Nutramax Proviable – DC Capsules restore healthy intestinal health with live microorganisms. This supplement holds multi-strain probiotics with billions of live microorganisms per daily administration. 

Nutramax Proviable holds seven critical probiotic families, which help restore healthy intestinal microflora after variances have taken place.

6. Best for Urinary Health: PetHonesty GrassGreen Duck Flavoured Soft Chews

If your Border Terrier suffers from joint pain, skin trouble, digestion problems, or other persistent health issues, you may want to try PetHonesty. PetHonesty contains a natural, soft chews supplement that will win over even the pickiest eater. 

These natural chews maintain a normal stomach and boost movement to address the root cause of yellow grass spots and grass burn. It also contains enzymes and probiotics to support a healthy immune system and digestion. 

This supplement lowers nitrogen levels in your dog’s urine that contributes to grass burn spots to keep your lawn vibrant and green. Its natural ingredients target problems from the inside out to keep your good furry friend great and living his best life. 

7. Best for Gland Health: Vetnique Labs Glandex

This supplement is a soft chew that comes with tasty peanut butter chews for your dogs that will keep them enjoying it. 

The probiotic targets the cause of anal gland problems, from the inside to the outside, which helps keep the gland healthy. It uses a unique fiber blend that helps to create firm and bulky stools, allowing the anal gland to empty naturally. 

The probiotic is made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients. It is also formulated with probiotics and digestive enzymes to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. 

Final Thoughts

As much as Border Terriers are essential to our lives, their health also matters a lot. Getting an excellent probiotic for them should be your priority. The best probiotics for Border Terriers come in different forms, and some dogs may accept only one form of probiotic. 

Probiotic supplements are safe, and it is always good to finish the treatment as indicated on the package to ensure sufficient rehabilitation of intestinal flora.

Also, remember that probiotic products contain living organisms and thus need to be appropriately stored to keep the bacteria alive. 

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I got our Border 3 years ago “for my daughter” and this bundle of joy became a beloved member of our family, so I thought why not share the love!

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